Philmah's Fabulous Phoamy Wigs & Headpieces

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Headpieces and their fabrication are my specialty, and there’s no other foam wig like Philmah’s “Fabulous Phoamy” darling.

Constructed from light weight polyurethane and shrouded in glitter, these wigs are one of a kind, unique. Each wig is nothing like the other as they are all hand crafted from scratch.

The soft velvet cap is a comfortable fit around the head and the towering Phoamy hairstyle on top is not only super light weight but super durable. 

Philmah’s wigs are sculpted with a fine eye for detail as Philmah is a trained sculptural artist, so these wigs pop in all 3 Dimensions.

The foam tubes are rounded and give a finish unmatched by any other wig darling, you’ll sure to be impressed. Check out my swatch of glitter. If there’s a colour you don’t see, I’m sure it exists out there in the world of

See the order form below and send me a design to be quoted, or choose from any of the crafted styles in my gallery. There’s no limit to your Phaomy creativity, colour or style.

I look forward to topping your beat mug with a Fabulous Phoamy Darling.

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